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Shipping & Returns

I write what will happen?
It is OK. Courier or package for our neighbors is a safe place and try again. the card will have to pay for the door and announced what they do.

My job, and I have given the order to another location?
Well, it's not a problem. When ordering in case of danger to the delivery address, billing address and the address.

Normal delivery time is how much?
during the week of our products.

I have a mission?
All messages to destinations outside the United Kingdom may be taxed and the taxes due to the importing country, respect the delivery time for your country. All taxes, fees and costs customer billing.

The fee paid by the buyer and importer of the federal government to ensure that the objectives of the legislation that product descriptions orders agreement.

What a one-time fee?
Bank TV station Xu immediate payment.

what do you suggest security for online shopping?
Yes, we use "security" (SSL) to encrypt your credit card to ensure that your data is safe. We also use Visa (VBV) and MasterCard (MSC) (3D secure), certified by.

my card declined?
There are many reasons why a card can be accepted. For further information, please contact your bank.

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